Hosting a K-Taping course is a great opportunity to educate your staff (and others) on the innovative techniques and products offered by the K-Taping Academy Canada (KTAC). It also provides tremendous value to your clinic and patients.

The KTAC offers three (3) courses: K-Taping Pro, K-Taping Sports and K‑Taping for Women’s Health. All three courses are provided by trained and authorized K‑Taping Instructors and each course is given over a period of two (2) days, usually during weekends.


Getting started is easy: you can fill out the registration form online or give us a call at 1‑800-561-0310 ext 1710.


Training Supplies and Education MaterialEach participant will receive a free K-Taping Kit at the beginning of the course (as shown on the image). The kit includes a K-Taping Course Manual, 4 rolls of K-Tape, and other practical items.
The course supplies will be sent to the hosting clinic at least three (3) business days before the scheduled training date.
An access to the International Forum, in order to review techniques, cueing, new content and programming is also included in the Kit.


Registration and Payment

Once a training session is scheduled, participants will be able to register through the K‑Taping Academy Canada website. Hosting clinics can designate the training to be either public or private. If the clinic chooses to host a public training, we will display the details on our website and anyone interested will be able to register for the event. If the clinic chooses to host a private training, we will provide them with a private registration link for their selected participants to register.

The clinic may choose to pay in advance for the required minimum number of participants. If the clinic chooses this option, they will be required to submit payment in full at the time of the booking. The names of participants will also be required in advance for this option.


Minimum Attendance

We require a minimum of 12 participants for each training unless otherwise agreed upon during the scheduling process. If the hosting clinic fails to meet the minimum required, they will be responsible for paying for the difference between the number of participants on the day of the training and the minimum required.

The clinic will be offered one free registration for an individual of their choosing. We will require the individual’s name during the clinic registration process or at least five (5) business days before the scheduled training. We will then get in touch with the selected individual for the free registration.



We can promote the event (if public) on our website, social media accounts and e-mail newsletters. The hosting clinic is responsible for promoting the event throughout their appropriate promotion channels, local and regional contacts, other clinics and associations.


Space Requirements

Space requirements will vary depending on the K-Taping course selected. However, for most courses we require at least one (1) treatment table for every two (2) participants.


Hosting Clinic Requirements

The hosting clinic will be asked to nominate one individual (usually the free registrant) to assist with set-up, registration, breakdown and any other possible requirements during the day. If this person is not the free registrant, please provide us with the individual’s name and contact information at least five (5) business days before the scheduled training. If possible, we also request that you provide a screen or wall for the PowerPoint presentation, a trash can, black garbage bags and writing utensils.


Training Length

Trainings are from 8am to 4pm for a total of eight (8) hours unless otherwise agreed upon during the clinic scheduling process and are usually scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays.



After both parties have mutually agreed on a training date, the hosting clinic is expected to make every effort to hold the training as scheduled. If the hosting clinic is unable to provide the stated facility due to exceptional or unforeseen circumstances, the hosting clinic will provide us with an alternative venue of equal size in the local area.

We reserve the right to cancel up to seven (7) days before the training date for extenuating circumstances or if the minimum participants’ requirement is not met. Should this occur, a full refund will be issued to all participants. All of our trainings are non-refundable unless approved by the Director of the KTAC. Any request for cancellation must be submitted to the Director six (6) weeks prior to the training date. A cancellation fee of up to 50% of the minimum participant cost may apply.



We provide the hosting clinics with one free registration as well as group discounts. Group discounts will be granted to clinics ensuring a minimum of 12 participants or a clinic that chooses to pay in advance for the minimum amount of participants



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