German Ingenuity

K-Tape is a top-of-the-range quality product developed in Germany by Birgitt Kumbrink, BScPT, that combines the best raw materials with the best manufacturing process available.


What really sets K-Tape apart from any classic non-elastic tape is its ability to stretch: it follows the path of the muscle or nerve while maintaining the patient's full mobility, a decisive advantage compared with previous treatment methods.

K-Tape's water resistant and breathable properties enable long wearing and comfort while its elasticity is comparable to that of human muscles. K-Tape is applied via a wave-like acrylic coating activated by body heat which also takes over important mechanical functions. It does not contain any pharmaceutically active or adhesive ingredients and is therefore neutral to the skin. It maintains its full effectiveness under the varied stresses of work, sport, showering, swimming and other activities of daily living.

High-Quality Elastic Tape

K-Tape uses high-quality cotton that guarantees a fabric structure with homogeneous thread density and almost completely knot-free manufacture.


It also uses the best quality elastane thread to ensure consistent elasticity levels across the entire period of use which can last up to seven days.

It is essential to ensure that dyes and adhesive do not harbour risks to the skin or health when applying a tape to the skin. K-Tape uses German-quality dyes from the Dystar that possess the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label, approved for use in baby clothing.

Pre-Stretched  Backing Paper

Strictly speaking, backing paper is only there to protect the adhesive coating. However, with K-Tape, the backing paper immediately has further practical functions. It is for this reason that K-Tape always uses the same quality of paper that possesses those required characteristics.

The correct orientation of paper fibres makes the backing paper much more stable. K-Tape pre-cuts deform significantly less than those with conventional backing paper.

Since it is necessary to pre-stretch the cotton fabric during production to ensure crease-free manufacturing, K-Tape is applied to the backing paper with 10% pre-stretch, automatically giving it the ideal amount of pre-stretch for a muscle technique tape.


By using the correct technique to apply the tape, it is thus possible to transfer the required amount of pre-stretch to the skin.

This enables K-Tape to always be pulled off the backing paper with the same amount of tension and its handling always feels the same every time you use it.

Professional Cut

As simple as it sounds, it is the cut that ultimately demonstrates the outstanding quality of K-Tape.​ A clean, straight cut not only looks professional, it also guarantees better adhesion and duration of wear.


If the threads are torn by an unclean cut or if a skewed position causes the outer threads to be frequently cut, the tape unravels at a faster rate and loses its adhesiveness. K-Tape therefore follows a meticulous approach in their manufacturing process and uses high-quality tools that results in the best cut possible.

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