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This type of injury is very common in contact sports. An impact to the muscles can cause more damage than you might expect and should be treated with respect. The muscle is crushed against the bone. If not treated correctly or if treated too aggressively then Myositis Ossificans may occur.

In addition to the P.R.I.C.E. method to all three grades of contusion, first apply a Lymphatic K-Taping application to the site of the injury.The fibrosis tape is a special lymphatic correction technique that loosens up protein-rich deposits and improves lymph flow.

First, apply the base of the fan cut tape proximal on the fibrosis. Appy the strips of tape with maximal stretch over and away from the injury site. Finish the application with the two-finger wide end unstretched. Apply the second tape 90 degrees rotated compared to the first base of tape 1. For better adhesion and pain inhibition, rub the tape strips for 30 seconds.


Examples of Hematoma K-Taping techniques:





Taping of rib contusion – K-Taping Academy Sport Book





Taping of the elbow – K-Taping Academy Sport Book





Taping of the thigh – K-Taping Academy Sport Book



Save time and try the Lymph Cuts by K-Tape





Those who would like to learn and use this valuable and effective therapy method should first complete the Academy training and not attempt to learn it on their own, as it is only in a supervised, practical training course that one can learn how to correctly apply the special techniques required when working with elastic K-Tape, and learn the specific body positioning needed when treating athletes or other patients.