“Thank you for such an amazing course. I honestly thought I would be bored, maybe pick up a pearl or two, boy was I wrong!! I learned so much! The course was brilliantly designed teaching us the taping techniques on day 1 and then the application to women’s health on Day 2. Lois Pohlod and MJ Lord were a fabulous team. Their respective expertise shining through with discussions about the applications. Lois was so open to new and differing ideas and opinions. This course will only get better as it gets taught more and more as we pelvic and women’s health physios trial it on our patients. K-taping for Women’s Health offers a critical tool in the women’s and pelvic health physiotherapist toolkit! Simple applications with Big Bang effect. I have already seen positive impact on my pregnant patients and those with prolapse and it’s only been a few days!”

Julia Di Paolo Reg. P.T.




“This course improved my practice, improved my ability to have patients self manage and taught me (once again) the importance of excellent instruction for skill transfer. Lois Pohlod and Daysha Shuya were strict in ensuring how tape was cut, placed etc. and all these little thing make a BIG difference.I have been using the taping techniques that are specific for pelvic health for only 2 months but patients are reporting a benefit for incontinence, menstrual cramps- pain, prolapse feelings, abdominal recovery (DRA) and breast engorgement.I will continue to follow patients especially if helping with pain to determine benefit vs placebo affect.Taping is proving to be a welcome adjunct to the therapeutic arsenal. Thanks to OrthoCanada for providing so much tape on the course so I could learn the techniques correctly.”

Mary Wood  BSc PT

Clinic Director

CURA Physical Therapies

Edmonton AB




“I was chatting with the K-Taping team at the trade stand at a recent PABC/CPTBC AGM in Vancouver.

They had applied one of the criss-cross tapes on my wrist ganglion.

Well…. It’s gone! I applied the tape for about a week and am pleased to say there is a minimal bump now. So, yes, it does work.

Kind regards,



Lynda Lawrence Grad Dip Phys

Registered Physiotherapist

Fellow of Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physical Therapists

Certified Gunn IMS (intramuscular stimulation) Practitioner


Burrard Physiotherapy